Monday, October 20, 2008

My first award!!!!!

This is my very first award. My blog is so new but boy was I excited. Thanks Sue..

This award was given to me by Sue from Oodlekadoodle Primitives


Now I’m supposed to nominate 6 people for this award.

The 6 people that I picked is

Carla of Country Road Primitives
Mandy of Aunt Mannys Creations
Tonya of Back Porch Pickins
Renee of Birchberry Farms
Dani of Olde Homestead Peddler
Elizabeth of Pigtails and Snails

The rules are to grab this award pic and post it on your blog, and nominate 6 of your choice for the same award! Of course, you have to tell the winners that they have been chosen.....

Hugs Pam


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Thank you Pam :) How sweet!! xox

Sue said...

You are welcome Pam