Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Can you believe

Can you believe this year is almost over. The time is going so fast anymore. I don't know if it's because i'm getting older or what.

Hubby's back is feeling better. Still hurts some but doing alot better!!!!

Winter is back. The wind is really fierce out there. They are calling for 40 mile gusts today. And when i looked out the window is seen snow flurries. And the other day is was in the 60's. This weather has been so crazy.

Not doing anything for New Years eve. Just staying home and watching Dick Clark. That man just keeps going. Even after all that has happened to him. I remember always saying he never changes. And never gets grey. LOL Boy, but i'm sure getting grey. Need to go to get the hair cut and colored. I have the gift cards but haven't made it yet. It's always that my hair looks so bad and needs cut but then when i do get it cut i never like it. I think that is what scares me about going and i always put it off. LOL Oh, well.

Well I hope that everyone has a very good and safe New Year's eve and that your New Year is all that you what it to be. Good health, Love, and wealth. Enjoy your loved ones and friends and ring in the New year....

Happy New Year
Hugs Pam

Friday, December 26, 2008

It's all over

Hi all

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas holiday. Alot of work but well worth it. Went to my son's for dinner, and it was very good. There were around 21 people in his little apt. but it was so nice.

On Christmas eve morning my husband was getting ready for dialysis and i told him that it was icy out so be careful. So he was headed out to the car and he seen it was just raining so didn't think about it. Well he walked out onto the porch and ended up on the brick sidewalk on his back. I had my grandson with me and i heard my husband yell. We ran out and there he was on his back. And it was really raining. I helped him up and he said his back hurt. I asked if he wanted to go to the ER and he said no. He went back into the house and changed clothes and left for dialysis. They wanted him to go have it looked at but he said no. Well around 6 pm on Christmas eve he said he wanted to go to the ER. So that is where we were until around 10:30. They did x-rays but said he didn't brake anything. He just sprained it and badly bruised it. He could barley walk on Christmas day but still went to our sons for dinner. So i have to go with him to dialysis so i can drive him.

It's only 23 degrees out this morning. Burrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
Have a wonderful day and i bet the stores will be worse than black Friday today. Don't want to go there. LOL

Hugs Pam

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just wanted to Thank you

Just wanted to thank everyone that has came to my blog and posted or just visited. To all of you that has helped me because i never thought i could do this blog thing. LOL Blogging is fun but hard to understand in the beginning. But it is getting easier.
And I would also like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Health and Happy New Year..May all you dreams come turn on Christmas and the New year.
I'm really going try hard on my New Year's resolution's that i have set for myself but you know how that goes.....So if any of you have decided to try something again this year, good luck but don't be to hard on yourself.
And to all your little children i hope Santa brings them everything that is really important to them.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Big Hugs

Monday, December 22, 2008

What a difference a day makes

It's Monday morning and is sooooooo cold and windy...It was -2 last night with the wind chill. They said we were getting 35 to 50 mile wind gusts. And it's still windy out. It's 6 am, couldn't sleep so thought I'd get up. This weather sure has been crazy!!!!

Went over to my daughter's house on Saturday evening to look at her Christmas decoration's and she cut my granddaughters curls off. She had pretty long natural curly hair and my daughter said it's easier to take care of without the curls. It was down to her butt and now a little past her shoulders. I couldn't believe it.

Talked to my grandson last night. He was all excited that the Redskins won..He's into video games. He's only 8. My daughter has spoiled him so much every year at Christmas and now this year money is tight and he's not getting as much. And that really bothers her. But that is all her fought. This boy has a Wii, Playstation 3, PSP, and she bought him an X box 360 for Christmas. He doesn't play with normal toys that an 8 year old would play with and never has.

Well today i'm going with hubby to dialysis and then we are going to pick up the tickets i won from the radio station to see Jeff Dunham. He's just the funnest ventriloquist. Supposed to see him on Jan. 2 if all goes good. And i'm up so early i'm going to be so tired when i get home today.

Well enjoy your day!!! The big day is almost here. Don't work to hard finishing up all you have to do to get ready for Christmas.

Hugs Pam

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Well when i got up this morning the sun was shinning and no snow. I'm doing the happy dance. I'm hopping that everyone is have a wonderful Sunday!!! Going with my BIL and SIL and hubby to watch the Titans and Steeler's play some football!!!! And the BIL is buying. Good food and fun!!!

Today is the first day of winter. Seems like its been here for a while. So spring is right around the corner...Yippeeeeeeee

Have a safe and happy day

hugs pam

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Friday

Well it's friday. It's raining cats and dogs. So glad its not snow or we would be covered. LOL....

But sunday is a different story. They are calling for snow and ice.. We might even get a white Christmas and it's not winter yet. Winter come's in Sunday...I know there are alot of you getting snow. Please be very careful if you have to go out. There are always some people out there that think they can drive through anything and that's what causes the wrecks..

I heard on tv today that a 94 year old grandma that buy's scratch off lottery tickets. When into the store and bought some and said she didn't win and gave them to the cashier to throw them away. He checked them over for her and said you won. It was a million dollar ticket. That was so nice of that cashier to hand it back over to her. Must be nice. What i could do with a million dollar's. I could help out so many people. I would love to do that. Oh, well.......maybe someday!!!

Have a wonderful day and be carefull

hugs Pam

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Very Blessed Day

I had went for my stress test and the doctor said it went good except when they did the pictures of my heart. He said he had seen a shadow at the bottom of my heart. He told me that i might not be getting enough blood supply there. So he scheduled me for a heart catherization.

Today was the day for the heart cath. I was so scared that i might need a stent in my artery's. I had this done 4 years ago by the same doctor at a hospital in the city that is an hour and a half away. Supposed to be a very good hospital. Well the time came and the doctor did the heart cath and said that he didn't see anything and that my arteries looked the same as they did 4 years ago, wide open. I was so happy. I was very blessed today!!!!! What a wonderful Christmas gift. Now i just have to take it easy for the next 2 days becasue they go into your main artery in your groin area. And they don't want it to open back up or get infected. And i'm back home already. Left here at 7;30 this morning and back home by 5.. Just wanted to give you my good news.

Happy holidays

Hugs and blessing

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Spreader of Love Award

I was giving this wonderful award from Jennifer of Crocked-Needle Primitives. Thanks so much for thinking i'm worth the award....Sorry Jennifer that it took me so long to post it!!!! I'm so Slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww...Well Jen said that i have to send it to 6 others so i guess i'd better get to it. Here are the rules if i give the heart to you.
1.Post a copy on your blog.
2.Mention who gave you the award.
3.Pass the award onto 6 others.
4.Leave a message on their blog letting them know the award has beenbestowed upon them.
So here are the 6 that i would love to give this award to:
1. Theresa from Primrulle
2. Carla from Countryroadprimitives
3. Trudy from Bits of wool
4. Debbie from A Creative Heart
5. Char from The Pickeled Pepper Patch
6. Regina from Rusty Bucket Prims
Now you can pass on the love..
Hugs pam

Good Monday Mornin

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine went pretty good but really fast. Spent alot of time with my son and daughter in law yesterday. Went to there house to see there Christmas decorations. It just went to fast.
Well i'm a Tennessee Titan fan and they lost yesterday....They have been doing really good. When i first got with my hubby he liked football so i thought i'd pick a team to watch. So i liked Houston Oilers. Then when they moved to Tennessee i went with them. Next Sunday they play Pittsburg Steelers (my brother in laws) team. That should be very interesting. LOL Hubby likes the Oakland Raiders...We won't talk about how they are doing.......
Well tomorrow i go for a stress test. Yuck and Thursday hubby goes for his stress test. Will be a very stressful week. LOL Just praying everything goes good. So no caffeine today or tomorrow. That will be the hardest part.
Well have a wonderful day!!!!
Hugs Pam

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I've been tagged by Sue from Oodlekadoodle Primitives!!!!

Now here's what happens next:

These are the rules

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Ok now here's the 6 random things about me. This should really be good. LOL not much to tell

1. I have always wanted to visit California.

2. I can't swim...Just terrified of drowning.

3. I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

4. I love blogging

5. I enjoy going to Bingo..Never win much though.

6. Love to watch Paula Deen..I think she is a very lovely lady.

So now i am tagging these people

1. Carla from Country Road Primitives

2. Theresa from Primrulle

3. Janene from Primitive Lifestyle

4. Beth from My*Prim*Cottage

5. Jenn of Bittersweet Prims

6. Audrey of Audrey's Country Crafts Give a way

Hugs Pam

Good Saturday Morning

Good morning.. I hope everyone is doing great today...I looked out the window and we got some snow last night. Just enough to make it pretty and not enough to make things bad. So that's just fine with me. They are saying we might even get a white Christmas which i can't remember the last time that happened. That would be pretty.

My Christmas book and Gingerbread men didn't sell so i've relisted them to go off on Monday. And my snowman goes off monday too. I think i'm going to try to start on some valentine things and also everyday things. Was even thinking of starting a selling blog in a few months.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and the weather they are having.

Hugs Pam

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Take a Peek

I have been working on this snowman stump doll and finally got him done. I'll be adding him on ebay tonight. I'm just going to do a 4 or 5 day auction. Christmas is fast approaching. Is anyone else still making Christmas stuff or onto something different.

It was a rainy day but warmer temps. Cold front coming in so back to winter. LOL
Have a lovely evening.
hugs pam

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look what I woke up to

Got up this morning and went out to the kitchen to make some coffee and looked out the window and there they were......I had to do a double take...

There they laid in my back yard. 2 big labs. One black and one brown. I went and got hubby and at first he thought it was deer. I said can we keep em....... LOL....He said nope!!!! Then i didn't know what to do. So i text my daughter and told her about them and that i seen a collar on the one. She asked if they had tags and i told her i don't know. She said go look. I told her what if they bite. So she told me to take out some dog food and feed them. So i took out some dog food. Got on the steps of my deck and the big black one started grawling. So i showed them what i had and they came right over. So i fed and watered them and checked for a tag but there wasn't any. Now what should i do. The neighbor came out and said they had been there for a little while. I told him I'd call the radio station so they can see if anyone owns them. And i told him I'd call the animal shelter and he said i wouldn't call them. They might not find there home and then get rid of them. So i went in and call the radio station and they put it out over the radio. Went back out and gave them more food and water. Then called the animal shelter just to see if anyone called them and they said no. So then i went and looked out the window and the one dog was laying on my deck and the other one in the yard. Then i thought, now what. So i called the vet's office down the road and the woman there was all excited and said the owners had been calling them. Wow....She told me there names and gave the owners my number. A few min. later the owners called me and she said they were missing since the night before. And they couldn't find them. When the woman came to get the dog she was crying and started hugging me and thanking me. She was afraid someone would keep them and she would never see them again. She said they are very old and have arthritis. She said she has another dog at home and it was carrying one of the labs toys around all night last night. Well problem solved. So happy they are back home. I couldn't of not done anything. It's been too cold out for them.

Have a wonderful evening

hugs pam

Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Finally Friday

The weather here in the Northeast is getting colder and they are calling for snow over the weekend. Sounds like good craftin weather.

I put 2 new items on ebay last night. Take a peek....

Was looking out the back window and seen the man next door cutting up a deer he must of gotten. He always gives us some deer bologna. I really like that. Not much on deer meat though. Hubby likes it. Maybe i just don't fix it right. LOL They say it's better for you.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.

hugs pam

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Almost the weekend


Well hubby is still really sick. He didn't eat at all yesterday. Finally have a doctor appt. for him tonight at 4:30. He's been in bed for 2 days. I'm just hanging in there.

I have been thinking alot since the New Year will be here soon. What New Years resolutions I'd like to try this time.

What i come up with is i want to start eating healthier and loose some much needed weight. I'd also like to get alot of these bills paid off and get my life straightened out.

So what does everyone else have in mind for the New Year.

Cloudy and cold today. Calling for maybe some snow this weekend.

Have a wonderful day....

Hugs pam

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What a day its been. My husband and i both have caught a cold. He's feeling much worse than me. He's been in bed all day. He didn't even make it to dialysis today. And he was supposed to have a stress test tomorrow and i had to reschedule that.
I have been trying to finish up on 2 Christmas crafts that I have been working on for a while now. Then when I went to take pictures, my battery in my camera was dead. So i had to recharge the batteries.
Now it's to late to put them on Ebay so i guess that will have to wait till Thursday night. But I'd like to show you what I've done.

This one is my Christmas book made out of a real book.

And this is the gingerbread men that i made.

So hopefully tomorrow they will be listed.

Have a wonderful evening!!

Hugs Pam

Monday, December 1, 2008

Crazy monday

Wow was the weather crazy today. It was cloudy this morning and not real cold. Then this afternoon the wind picked up and it got really dark out. Then i heard thunder and it started hailing. That lasted for about two minutes and then the sun came out and now its cold out. Really crazy weather.

Well have to show you what else i won on a blog give a way.

I got all this from Ann's Treasure Box. Thanks so much Ann1!!!!!!!! Awesome prize.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

Hugs pam