Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Barb at Bella Vista is celebrating her 1 St blog anniversary with this lovely rooster set.I really love this. My kitchen is in roosters. But i guess i can share the give away with everyone. Wish me luck. Sorry there i go again being selfish. LOL Good luck to all. So if you want a chance at this wonderful Rooster set click here. So she is giving this away so you have to sign up before Feb 2. Hurry!!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

What happened to my sewing room

Wow seems like not long ago it was all cleaned up and now it's so much of a mess i didn't even want to go in there. But today i'm in there cleaning and throwing out. I think after i go to sleep at night someone or thing goes in there and trashes the place. LOL

Hubby had his test for sleep apnea. He said it was hard to sleep there all hooked up. We did call yesterday to see if they knew anything and they did say that he has very severe sleep apnea. He goes back on the 31st and this time he has to wear a mask. They said he will feel better wearing it. They said he won't be so tired. And it's bad for your heart, which he don't need that, his heart is already not that great.,

Well just thought i'd take a breather, now i guess i'd better head back in there. Nothing is getting done with me talking away. LOL

have a wonderful day


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet Meadows Farm give away


You have to hurry for this give away. Click here to take you there . She is giving her away Jan. 21
Hugs Pam

Sleep Study

Morning all

Hubby had a sleep apnea study done last night. He had to be there at 9 pm and got home this morning a little before 6. So guess what time i got up. LOL Heard him come in. He said he had a hard time sleeping there with all the wires stuck to his head.

So when he got home and i got up we made coffee and sit down to watch the news and they said that Haiti just had another after shock. It's so sad what those people are going through and those poor children there that are going to be without there parents. Makes you give thanks to where we live.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Hubby has dialysis at 11;30 today so maybe a nap for me. LOL


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kids say the funniest things

The other night my daughter and granddaughter came over. My granddaughter is only 5 and in pre-k...She was telling me about school. Showing me how she learned all her days of the week and months in the year with dance. And how doing math they use the point system. They put points on the numbers and that's how they add. Didn't make much since to me. LOL Then i asked her if she says the Pledge of Allegiance in school and she said yes. She put her hand over her heart and began saying it. This is the first part of it. "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united steaks of America". I just lost it. She said Steaks instead of States. I told her it was States and she stated saying it again and said steaks. I just gave up. LOL. Then we sat down and colored. I love having her around. i don't get to see her much. Hopefully this summer i can get her to stay more.

I know that i'm getting older and the thought of not being around is a daily thought that i need to get out of my head. So after being with her i'm thinking so much better. I'm going to live each day as it comes and enjoy my family and friends and blog friends more. Do more things that i enjoy. Because none of us know when the last day will be and i want to make the most of mine. And i really need to change this music on here. LOL

So i would like to thank everyone for taking a little time out of your day to stop by.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

todays my birthday

Well another year has passed. wow I'm 53 today. As i have been getting older I think more and more about how i'm really not ready to pass on. My mom passed when she was 56 and my dad when he was 59. So I think alot about that now that i'm in my 50's. My grandparents were in there 90's. My health isn't the greatest. I have COPD and have my good days and my bad days. More bad as the years go by. I guess as they say God has already planned out when it will be our time and you should live each day one day at a time. I do try that. I know there are people out there worse off than me an i should be very Thankful for what i have. And I am. I heard a song the other day called My Temporary home and i guess that is what live on this earth is. sorry to be on such a sad note. As the day goes on it will get better, i know. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. It's supposed to be in the 20's today. I just wish my life away, wishing for spring. LOL I can't take the cold.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another year has passed

Another year has gone. Where did it go. Time seems to be flying by. And January will be over before we know it. The weather has been very cold this year and more snow than we have gotten for years. Crazy weather. I'm so ready for spring.
Now i want to do some spring cleaning. I'm tired of being closed in so thought i'd workin on getting things cleaned up and cleared out so that when it starts to warm up i can get outside.
I sure hope everyone had a wonderful New Year..Hubby and I stayed up and watched the ball drop and then off to bed. Getting old. LOL We watched Dick Clark's rockin eve. It's so nice to see that he is still able to do it. I think he really enjoys it.
Enjoy this week, mine is going to be very cold.