Friday, October 10, 2008

Just had to share what i got today

The door bell rang and when i went to see who it was. I was shocked. This is what the man was holding.





Was i all flabbergasted. LOL

It is edible fruit. Here is what the card said.

Congratulations to you for being a 14 years survivor. I thought i would send this instead of flowers because you can eat this. By the way thanks for giving birth to me 22 years ago today. I love you mommy.

My son thought of me on his birthday. He's the best. Couldn't ask for any better. And it tastes so good. There are strawberrys that are dipped in pink chocolate. To die for....The cup that it is in is glass with a pink ribbon....

just wanted to share.

hugs pam


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Pam, he is a sweetie!! That is one of the most thoughtful things I have ever seen... You are a lucky mom! xox

Pam said...

I know i am Carla..Thanks so much for saying so.

hugs pam

Theresa said...

How wonderful is that!! I have never heard of a edible arrangement before! He is one good son, who appreciates his mom! Very nice Pam!


~Tonya said...

How very sweet and thoughtful your son was on his birthday! I am sure you cried. :)

I have seen the candy ones, but never fruit. Very neat!

Thanks for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS to you Pam, for being a survivor of 14 years!


Pam said...

Thanks so much ladies. I do have a wonderful son. He means the world to me. I couldn't of ask for a better one.

Hugs pam

Sue said...

That is just an awesome gift to someone who truly deserves did a good job raising your son...I know you are so very proud of him....I wish I had some of that fruit right now....