Saturday, February 28, 2009

I finally got another craft done.

I have been listing some cookbooks on ebay and working on some ornies. Finally got the bunnies done. This is the last day of February..March brings spring, setting our clocks up. Soon things will be getting green. Sure can't wait. They are calling for snow on the east coast tomorrow. My son's puppy is gaining weight. He weighs 2 pounds 12 oz. now. Take a look at what i made. Came from a pattern from Off the Beaten Path Designs.

Have a good Sunday....

Hugs Pam

Monday, February 23, 2009

Didn't this weekend go fast. Monday already...Well went to my daughters yesterday and the food was so good. She fixed chicken and shrimp and veggies on the grill. Also pasta salad and baked beans. It was yum-o...

There she was with her winter coat and hat on cooking..Too funny. It was cold and windy. The wind is really been bad here. It's blowing like crazy here again today and only 31 degrees. So i took some pics of my grandson. He's with his dog Luke. Logan is 8 and had try outs for the major league baseball team where he lives. He should find out soon if he made it. I'm really proud of him.

That's my daughter behind him on the couch. Watching a movie and crashing out after dinner. She works for the post office. She will be the Postmaster at the post office she transferred to. She has really done good for herself. She is 32 and doing good. Well just got back from the store. Picked up some things for dinner tonight. Hungry for taco's ..Added a few things on to Ebay last night and have another project that the pictures didn't turn out so i have to re take them and then get that on ebay. And working on a few more things. Well guess i'd better get off here.

My son just called. He calls me everyday so i have to call him back. He loves his mom.........

Have a wonderful evening.

hugs pam

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Sunday Afternoon

What a beautiful day today. The sun is shinning but only 36. Chilly but i love when the sun is out. I have been working on some new things to put on ebay. I finally got one thing to go on tonight. I seems like it takes longer to take pictures and write something than it does to make it. LOL That is the worse part. Will have more things but don't have time to list right now. Going to my daughters in PA for some family time. She is cooking on the grill..Better her than me. To cold for me to be outside doing that. So this is what will be listed tonight. Have a wonderful day!!!
Hugs Pam

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Take a look at my new grandbaby

This is my son and daughter in laws new addition to the family...It's a boy. Isn't he soooooo cute

He is only 2 months old and weighs about 1 to 2 pounds.

They named him Diesel!!!! He's a Yorkie Pom

He is so dark and tiny he's hard to see. They told him he would only get to be around 6 pounds. Just too cute...
When we got home from visiting them there was some red paper in my door. Got out of the car and though what in the world is that. So when i went to check it out. It was a red heart out of construction paper. It said. You are the best Grandparents ever. With a smiley heart on the front. When i opened it it said ....
Dear Grandma and Pap
I have a poem for you
Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I love you
And i hope you love
me too.
Have the best Valentines day
I love you both.
That was from my 8 year old grandson. While we were gone he stopped by and put that in my door. He was at his Nan's up the road from me. And she brought him down to drop it off. So i called him and he was home then and told me. He lives in PA and i live in MD...He said i have a carnation for you to. I told him were were coming up to his house next sunday. I told him the flower will probably die and he said no it won't i have it in water. LOL
So that really made my day!!
Don't for get there is no mail tomorrow.
Hugs Pam

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another give away and a Valentine wish

Good evening

Debbie from A creative heart is having a give away and want's everyone to stop by her blog and join...You have until March 1st to sign up. And she will draw a name on March 2nd. So hurry on over there and join.

I hope everyone made it through Friday the 13th ok. And i'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Valentines Day!!! They said that Valentines day used to be for men....Didn't us ladies turn that around. LOL Enjoy your day

Hugs Pam

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a night

Well Wednesday was such a beautiful day. I turned off the heat and opened the windows. You just feel like a different person when it's that nice out. After being closed in all winter. It made me want to clean..LOL Isn't that something. It was close to 70 degree's here in Maryland. And they are calling for snow on Valentines day...

Went to bed last night and just couldn't sleep so i got up and down over and over. Finally got up and started sewing. Didn't get to sleep until 5:30 this morning. And was back up at 10:30 this morning. The wind was really bad last night and the lights kept flickering. I thought for sure they were going to go out. We had high winds all night and it's still blowing out there. Weather sure has been crazy around here.

Well my son wants a puppy and seen one on the net. He just text me and ask if i would get the phone number for him so i'll be getting off her now and get that for him.

Have a wonderful and safe day

hugs pam

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Check out this purdy little girl giveaway

Kelly over at Mystical Entities to enter. She is sooooo cute!!! Kelly will be picking out a name on Feb. 16th so hurry over there and enter.
Hugs Pam

What a beautiful weekend

The weather this weekend was so nice. In the 50's and sunny. It has been so cold that it felt like a heat wave. I also had my granddaughter for the weekend. We had so much fun. Her mother just picked her up. She is 4 years old. They are so full of energy at that age.....On the other hand i'm worn out...LOL Well back to cleaning tomorrow. I think with the nice weather i'm going to start spring cleaning.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Hugs Pam

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another wonderful giveaway

You have to go look at this wonderful giveaway. Sharon from The Old Oak Swing has put together some very nice gifts for her February giveaway. She has a wonderful blog with alot of nice reading. I love going to read her blog. So don't forget to hurry over and check it out.

Just click on the picture on the sidebar and it will take you right there. -------------->>>>>>

Hugs pam