Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am trying to do my own selling blog.

I am starting my own selling blog. Click on the picture on the left side of this blog and check it out. Let me know how it looks and what i can do to improve it. I know i can depend on all my blog buddies.

Hugs pam


lani said...

ok Im going now

Betty BeadBug said...

I am on my way to check it out now...

Kath said...

Good for you, Pam!!
I wish you the best of luck and lotsa sales :)
I will add your selling blog link to my blog shoppe page, ok?
I'm headin over to take look!

Have a beautiful weekend!
Enjoy your day.

Pam said...

Thanks ladies for your feedback. Going to make the changes. It's so nice having so many blog friends to help you out.

Hugs pam