Friday, April 3, 2009

Have a question...Need help

Well it's Friday and raining again. Yuckkkkkkkkk..

My dinning room is paneling. Don't want to put up drywall so thought i could paint over it. I want to add a chair rail. I want to paint the top off white and not sure about the bottom. Does anyone know what i will have to do to paint over the paneling. Has anyone done that. It is just so dark in that room. I love looking at others Prim rooms and would love to make mine like that. So any help would surely be appreciated. Hopefully work on it this summer.

I have been getting the Country Sampler magazine and falling in love with everything in the magazines. So many things that i would love to have. Would love my house to look like that. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs Pam


Janene said...

Pam~You will need to prime the paneling first...and then just roll on the paint. You will need to use a paint brush to fill in the cracks. I think that will look fantastic!
I too look at Country Sampler to get prim ideas...I pour over them almost daily!
I have a question for you on how to get an Ebay button for my blog. Any suggestions on how to link my blog to my Ebay site?
Have a great weekend!

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Justina said...

I have painted MANY paneled walls..I even just painted over glossy wallboard in a bathroom and it looks great! Prime first with Kilz OIL based primer. One coat is enough. Then let dry... Then paint any color you want. (You MUST use oil based primer and saving a few bucks on an offbrand isn't worth it)

Pam said...


Thanks so much for the info...When we first moved in our rancher in 97 that room had a very dark panneling so we desided to put a lighter panneling on it, a more wood grain and now i'm tired of it. And don't want to put all the money into drywall so thought we would paint it.

Hugs Pam

WillowtreeTreasures said...

I hope it works out well for you Pam! Sounds like the first two women know what they are talking about! I have refinished antique furniture before and know something about wood types and how to paint them and stain them and have done enough painting around the house and a primer sounds like the right place to start. The specifics of the type of primer, because of the semi-gloss appearance of the paneling would have me stumped though and Justina knows the type to use so looks like you're on your way! Please share when your finished! I'd love to see it when it is completed! Good luck!