Thursday, March 19, 2009

My New Blog header and my poor little doggie

Check out my new blog header that i won from a give away from Brenda at Rusty Creek Primitives.. I just love it. Thanks so much Brenda. Check out her blog

On a sader note. My little 12 year old doggie is having problems with her legs. She can hardly walk. So we have an appt. at the vet's office at 3...I sure hope it's not to bad..She is sleeping right now. It's all ugly out today. But yesterday was beautiful. I spent the day cleaning with the window's open.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sun if it's shinning where you are. And friday is the first day of spring.

hugs pam


Pam said...

Took my doggie to the vets and they said they think she could have a pinched nerve. They gave her a shot and i have to give her prednisone for a few day. If she isn't any better by Monday i have to take her back and maybe get an MRI done on her. She has been laying around all day.

Hugs Pam

Cordwood Cabin said...

Poor doggie! Our own pup had a bad fall the other day, tripping over a garden post...she spent a few days limping around, but she's young, so it doesn't take her long to recover. Glad you got a diagnosis when yours visited the vet (and that it wasn't something worse). Best of luck for your doggie's recovery!

Pam said...

So glad your little pup is doing good. My doggie is getting around alot better today.

Have a wonderful weekend.

hugs Pam

Juanita said...

It is so good to be back. And poor doggie!! I feel so sorry for him.Hopefully he will have a quick recovery. have a blessed day!

Kath said...

Love your header Pam!
I hope your little dog is doin better today? hopefully the pred. has kicked in and is helping?
I sure hope so...

Have a nice weekend.

Sue said...

Sorry about the doggie....Hope she is better today...Love the new banner....Brenda does some nice work..don't know how that girl finds all the time to do what she does.....It is beautiful here today and how nice that is for a change....Have a wonderful spring weekend...

Pam said...

Hi ladies

My doggie (Brittany) is doing alot better. The medicine is really helping. But the prednisone is making her want to eat and eat. LOL It does that to me to. I do love my banner. It is so pretty. Her work is so good. The sun is shinning here today and going to be in the 50's.

Have a wonderful weekend.

hugs Pam

Heather said...

aww i hope your doggie is ok. she's a cutie! your new blog header looks great.

RoBiN said...

Hello Pam! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and I am just so in AWE of your new Bunny Box...that is one beautiful piece of work!

Hey...we're not that far from each other, so tell me, over in Maryland, WHERE??? I'm just off I-81 under Hagerstown, Maryland! I wonder if you have many Prim shops in your neck of the woods, where EVER that may be!?

RoBiN said...

OH MY!!! We are NEIGHBORS!!! Oh how sweet that email was to me...I don't really know ANYONE that does what I do, and in this area, it seems the whole Prim thing is dying! I was just "around" your house last night!!!

Would LOVE to "chat" with you outside of know the address to "reach me" ... ThePaintedNest at AOL dot COM . Please email me, IM ME, or something!!! Would love to exchange ideas and just sympathetic & friendly chatter!