Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's finally March Another giveaway!!!!!

Afternoon all. It's finally March. We got some snow last night but it's gone already. I'm so glad. Not a snow person.

Hannah the Hare will be ending on ebay tonight...If you get a chance take a peek. Just click on the picture on the side bar to your left and it will take you there.

The Farm Chicks have a suprise giveaway and the deadline to enter is March 5th So hurry on over there and check it out.

Have a very wonderful Sunday

Hugs Pam


Sue said...

Isn't the Farm Chicks a great place.....Thanks for the post...We still have all our snow we got on Thursday....Tomorrow we see if John's Ford Explorer can be fixed..It looks like such a mess I doubt that it is fixable..Maybe next time he will listen to me when I tell him not to go out in a snow storm....Hope your snow goes away real fast..

The Creator's Touch said...

Pam, yes, I'm afraid the bunny has been given away, my daughter drew the name yesterday, and it went to a deb, all she gave me was her e-mail so I am still waiting to hear from her, sorry it wasn't you and I thank you for playing along, and would like to say keep an eye open for new items coming soon!