Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Wednesday afternoon

Good afternoon all....It's nice out today around 60. But that will change tomorrow. We are in for cooler weather again. This March weather is really crazy. Over the weekend it was so pretty. In the 70's. Sunday my son had a cook out so we spent the day there. He had bought a mobil home 2 months again. Just a starter for now. He really wants a house. He's only 22 so i know he will have one some day. He went out and bought a new grill and a new patio set. Hubby and i ended up helping put the patio set together before the cook out. It was fun. My middle daughter came over with my granddaughter also. It was so nice to see them.

My oldest daughter is 32 today. Boy am i getting old. My son thinks she is ancient. LOL I guess i'm one foot in the grave. You know what it was like when you were in your 20's.. Sure would be nice to be there again. I have been working on a few more things. So i'll show you all when i get them done.

Well guess i'll get off here and get back to work. Just needed a brake.

Have a wonderful day



Sue said...

Oh Pam you are young....My oldest is 53 and the youngest will be 43 in a few days....Yep this ole March weather is something else...The warmest we have been is in the 40's....That felt good, so can image what the 70's will feel like,,,,It was 4% this morning when I got up...Glad you had a good time at the cook out..

Witch Hollow Primitives said...


Your funny, its better to be one foot in the grave, then one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel! I miss those 20 something years but don't know if I would want to relive them now.

After all the rain we had, the cold front is coming back in. Please send some spring soon! Everything was frozen this morning.
Happy Birthday to your daughter, hope she has a good one.

Heather said...

sounds like you all had a good time. i can't believe your son thinks his sister is ancient, lol. yikes! i'll be 34 this summer, i don't think i'm ancient yet!

Pam said...

Hi ladies

It's going to get colder tomorrow. The wind is picking up and it is getting cooler.

My daughter got a 90 min. facial gift certificate for her birthday. Now that sounds soooooo good.

Hugs pam

Heather said...

yes, this weather is crazy! i'm actually kind of glad it's getting cold again because i've been sweating already, lol. And i can't turn on the AC yet since we're all dealing with colds. Believe me, if we didn't have colds, the AC would be on for sure! you gotta love our weather, lol. it will be nice when it changes to warm and stays that way!

Kath said...

Hi Pam!
Sorry for the gap in my visits, I jsut can't keep up these days!! ;)
That's great that your son got his first place...he'll have his house one day, we all gotta start somewhere!
I think to have your 'own' place at 22 is GREAT!
Its back to being cold here.
I did see a Robin yesterday, So-I think spring will get here, eventually!
Happy b-day to your daughter!

Have a wonderful day,