Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have a question ....Need some help

Good Morning!!!! It's raining here and dreary. Guess it's better than snow. So on with my question. I was thinking of doing some international selling on ebay but not sure where to go to get the best info on it. Questions on how and what i need to fill out and everything else there is to know. LOL

Its like jumping in the ocean for the first time. A lot to learn. I have been working on more things to list and that takes time.

Had to go with hubby to the hospital yesterday morning to have a pic line put in his neck for IV antibiotics to try to get rid of this on going ear infection that he has had for years now. It doesn't hurt but it drains. And he has a hole in his ear drum and they can't fix it until the infection is gone. And with all his past medical problems his veins are shot and they can't get an IV in them. And we had to be there at 6 am. and then dialysis at 12 then back to the hospital for IV antibiotic at 3;30. He has to go to the hospital everyday for 2 weeks to get the medicine. I asked them about Thanksgiving day and she said we are open. And we are having dinner at my house with our family so i had them call the doctor and see about not coming that day and he said that would be fine. I sure hope this works this time. They have tried everything even eye drop antibiotics in his ear. And he can't hear out of his one ear and now this one his hearing is really bad and i can't take the tv up that load much more. LOL So hopefully this works. Need some prayers that it works this time and he can get it fixed. Well guess I'd better stop ramblin and get to work on something.
One more thing. I was working on a crow last night and it was on the table and my BIL stopped by and said you making parrots. And i said no its a crow and he said who would want a crow. I laughed and said that's the prim look.
Oh well

Have a wonderful day

Hugs Pam


Terry said...

I love crows! Who would want a parrot?? LOL

Hope things improve for your husband soon! :0)

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

I know Terry...Men just don't understand the primitive look..LOL
I sure hope it gets better.

Hugs Pam

paynterfamily4 said...

Pam -

Hope your hubby gets better soon - will pray!

Hubbies do mean well, but yes, they don't have an 'eye' for the prim! One time I made a snowman head make-do, carrot nose and all, and stitched BBRRRR on it - my hubby said - "Whatdaya make a seagull for??" - A SEAGULL??? Wow!

As far as Ebay I have never sent anything over seas (just Canada) - but I know with shipping there is ALOT of extra stuff ya gotta do and the costs are way higher. There are forms you have to fill out, detailing exactly what your shipping, etc. I would suggest that any overseas buyers must have 100% feedback - not even 1% less than that - don't want you to get burned!

Have a great day - good luck on Ebay in the UK!


Sares said...

It must be a guy thing, sometimes they just don't GET us! I have to ask,like Terry, who would want a parrot, LOL! It would be very hard to work into most or out decorating schemes. I do hope your husbands ear heals for him, it sounds like it's been a troublesome little bugger.

Bridgett said...

I'm with Terry...who would want a parrot when they can have a crow? LOL

As for your hubby's ear infection...have you ever thought that it might be related to food sensitivities? I know many kids who've had chronic ear infections, but after eliminated certain foods (primarily dairy or gluten), the ear infections cleared right up.

It's worth a thought.

Because no antibiotic in the world is going to clear it up if it is, indeed, caused by foods he's ingesting.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Northwindstar said...

First thing I want to say is...sure hope your hubby improves honey. I'll send up some prayers for sure!!

I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me Pam. Had my prim bloomers in such a twist last night trying to find your blog to re-link you to mine. I remembered your old blog, no problem..but couldn't for the life of me remember exactly the name of this one. I knew it had Rooster in it so I used every single Rooster possibility imaginable LOL Phweee, so happy I gotcha back!!
Nothing worse then having a blog tantrum, deleting it and not having the sense to save everyone's link! Oh well, just another typical blond senior moment for me.
Hugs my friend :)

Sue said...

Hi Pam,
Sorry about your husbands ear problems...Seem like if it isn't one thing it is another...I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving....Think about you often...Will say a little prayer for hubby and of course YOU! As for shipping overseas and even Canada I found out it just wasn't worth the hassel...but remember I have a store with smaller priced items....