Monday, December 22, 2008

What a difference a day makes

It's Monday morning and is sooooooo cold and windy...It was -2 last night with the wind chill. They said we were getting 35 to 50 mile wind gusts. And it's still windy out. It's 6 am, couldn't sleep so thought I'd get up. This weather sure has been crazy!!!!

Went over to my daughter's house on Saturday evening to look at her Christmas decoration's and she cut my granddaughters curls off. She had pretty long natural curly hair and my daughter said it's easier to take care of without the curls. It was down to her butt and now a little past her shoulders. I couldn't believe it.

Talked to my grandson last night. He was all excited that the Redskins won..He's into video games. He's only 8. My daughter has spoiled him so much every year at Christmas and now this year money is tight and he's not getting as much. And that really bothers her. But that is all her fought. This boy has a Wii, Playstation 3, PSP, and she bought him an X box 360 for Christmas. He doesn't play with normal toys that an 8 year old would play with and never has.

Well today i'm going with hubby to dialysis and then we are going to pick up the tickets i won from the radio station to see Jeff Dunham. He's just the funnest ventriloquist. Supposed to see him on Jan. 2 if all goes good. And i'm up so early i'm going to be so tired when i get home today.

Well enjoy your day!!! The big day is almost here. Don't work to hard finishing up all you have to do to get ready for Christmas.

Hugs Pam


Sue said...

Pam Your grandson sounds just like my great grandson...He has all of that plus a real motorcycle, his own wall mounted TV & sound system...He just turned 8 a month ago....He is so spoiled....
You have a very blessed Christmas and enjoy the family....
Merry Christmas

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Times certainly are different now then when we grew up, aren't they? I remember when a ball to play kick ball with was all we needed... a bike and skates lasted forever. An empty mayonaise jar was a great find to put those poor lightening bugs that we half smashed catching in... Most kids have those things and more now. Cell phones, their own tvs and cable in their rooms, computers, you name it. They are blessed and hopefully will someday see that... I remember when our older kids found out there was no Santa, they were in awe of all that we bought them instead of thinking Santa paid for it all LOL! Of course, when they are little, you could get by with a coloring book, crayons, a doll and a few books :) I am sure he will be fine this Christmas, as it sounds like he doesn't need much at this point LOL! xox