Thursday, December 4, 2008

Almost the weekend


Well hubby is still really sick. He didn't eat at all yesterday. Finally have a doctor appt. for him tonight at 4:30. He's been in bed for 2 days. I'm just hanging in there.

I have been thinking alot since the New Year will be here soon. What New Years resolutions I'd like to try this time.

What i come up with is i want to start eating healthier and loose some much needed weight. I'd also like to get alot of these bills paid off and get my life straightened out.

So what does everyone else have in mind for the New Year.

Cloudy and cold today. Calling for maybe some snow this weekend.

Have a wonderful day....

Hugs pam


Janene said...

Pam~Your resolutions are the exact same as mine~Here's to January 2nd!
That's when I plan to start all over!!
Hope hubby feels better soon~You too!

~Tonya said...

I hope your hubby gets better soon. It is no fun being sick...

New Year's Res. I have the best of intentions, but never have the time to follow through. HA! I would like to do the things you said...but I am a realist (at times, when I need to be) and know at this time in my life, it just won't happen. LOL Maybe someday.

You take care Pam,

Theresa said...

Hi Pam...hope hubby is feeling better today. It's a worry when it is flu season. New Years resolution....probably the same as yours. I start off good and dwindle off, kinda sad. Hopefully this year will be different for all. To us all!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Pam, I hope your hubby is feeling better. If you go to, they have wonderful, healthy recipes for the holidays. I feel that eating healthy starts at the grocery store with what you put into your cart and not eating out. Also, I try to find exercises and dvds to work on that I enjoy and don't feel like work LOL!! Walking is always the best for all. My New Year's Resolution is usually the same, as I need to craft more and get more organized with my time. God, family and friends always first in my life, though so regardless of my resolutions, that is what I stick to :) xox