Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Friday

Well it's friday. It's raining cats and dogs. So glad its not snow or we would be covered. LOL....

But sunday is a different story. They are calling for snow and ice.. We might even get a white Christmas and it's not winter yet. Winter come's in Sunday...I know there are alot of you getting snow. Please be very careful if you have to go out. There are always some people out there that think they can drive through anything and that's what causes the wrecks..

I heard on tv today that a 94 year old grandma that buy's scratch off lottery tickets. When into the store and bought some and said she didn't win and gave them to the cashier to throw them away. He checked them over for her and said you won. It was a million dollar ticket. That was so nice of that cashier to hand it back over to her. Must be nice. What i could do with a million dollar's. I could help out so many people. I would love to do that. Oh, well.......maybe someday!!!

Have a wonderful day and be carefull

hugs Pam


Janene said...

Good Afternoon Pam~Mmmmm, A Million Dollars!
I heard that story too...She has 20 grandchildren that she is going to help. That clerk is very honest! It's good to hear good news on the tv instead of all bad!
Have a Great Weekend!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

I hope she gives some money to the honest clerk, too :) xox