Sunday, October 4, 2009

What a beautiful weeked, Scarecrows and cow patty bingo

This weekend was so beautiful. No rain like they first thought. And warmer temps. So Saturday my daughter and granddaughter and grandson spent the weekend. We went to the Harvest Hoedown. Took some pics i thought i would share. This is a picture of them making scarecrows. My daughter is the girl in the red shirt on the left front corner with her daughter in the purple shirt beside her. My grandson is the boy in the middle of the picture with the blonde hair.

Here they are with my grandson's scarecrow

From left to right. My granddaughter, grandsons scarecrow, grandson, granddaughters scarecrow, the little scare crow hubby made then my hubby John.

Then they had a purple cow bingo. Yep spray painted cows. You buy a square for 5.00. First prize was $250.00 second prize was $750.00 and third prize was $1000.00. So what it is the first cow to poop in a spot you win the first prize, and so on. We waited for an hour and none of them did anything so we left. But they call you if you win. And i didn't get a call so , well that's my luck.

We had alot of fun . The kids did to.

My grandson is my oldest daughters son.
Thanks for looking
Hugs Pam


Bridgett said...

What great pictures!

Loved the kids snuggled up with the scarecrows. :)


Audrey said...

Wonderful pictures!! Looks like you had beautiful weather and a great time!

MiniMadWoman said...

Oh, what a fun day out you had! Love the cow pie bingo . . . too funny!

Thanks for sharing!


stefanie said...

i love those kind of events, ours starts this week!! fun, fun, fun