Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nicer weather and rice lights

Hi all

The rain is over for a few days and the sun is shinning. I threw some nuts out for the squirrels and the Blue Jays kept taking them. It started out with one blue jay and ended up with 3 of them. The poor squirrels didn't stand a chance.

And not to sound to dumb but what is rice lights. I've heard people say about rice lights but not sure what they are talking about and i know someone out there knows. LOL

Have a wonderful hump day!!!!!



Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Pam, you may have other comments before this, but rice lights are the teeny tiny, itsy bitsy white string lights. They are hard to find, sometimes only at specialty boutiques, but I imagine this year you may be able to find them on-line. For the last two years the only place I could find them was Target.

paynterfamily4 said...

Are they somewhat like firelfy lights?

Willow said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks for commenting on my blog =) My sewing machine is a brother project runway edition. Is that what yours is ? Do you like it? Deb commented on the rice lights and she is right. they are the teeny weenie itsy bitsy lights. Our local Joanns carries them.
Hope your Wednesday was terrific !
Prim huggs n Blessins

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Gee, I'm sorry Pam, I went back and read my comment, and I didn't sound very friendly. Guess I was on task about the rice lights, LOL. Hope you can find some, I really prefer them now to anything else! Which reminds me Christmas decorating is just around the corner!

creativedawn said...

Hi Pam
Congratulations! I follow a blog where you were a winner and all I saw was Congrats Pam...thought I won...but that is okay, I came over here to your blog...nice Prims!