Sunday, October 18, 2009

Are there any Dialysis Patients out there

My husband is on dialysis. He's been doing it for almost 2 years now, 3 days a week. He's been having so much problems with cramping lately. His hands mostly and also in his neck. His neck mussels cramp up so bad some times he can hardly breath. He wanted to see if anyone has the same problem with the cramping and what he could do about it. I think he is going to see about getting a kidney transplant. His brother is giving him one of his if it is a match. So now the long journey will start.

We know all about transplants. To begin with he has type 1 diabetes. He's had it since he was 14. In 1997 he had a pancreas transplant and was no longer a diabetic. He loved it. It lasted for 5 years and then he got Cryptoccocal Meningitis from bird droppings. Crazy huh!!! They thought he was going to die. He was in the hospital for almost a year. 4 months at the hospital were we live then 4 months at a hospital in Baltimore MD and then rehab hospital here for almost another 4 months. That was a longggggggggg year.. Well they had to take him off the immunosuppresent medicines or he would of died. His weight went down to 88 pounds. They had to give him some very bad antibiotics that really messed up his kidneys and they went down hill after that .It was horrible. Well after going off the medicines he lost his new pancreas. So he's back to being a diabetic. Before all of this he was taking 4 shots a day of insulin and then went on an insulin pump. Which he has now. And after all that he wants to go through another transplant. It scares me to death but i guess if that's what he wants I'll stand beside him. He's had so many health problems.

Two years ago on Superbowl Sunday he had a pulmonary embolism. A blood clot that went to his lung and his heart stopped 6 times. They had to use the paddles on him each time. He was flown to Washington and our heart doctor here saved his life. He's had a silent heart attach and has to stints in his heart. He's a walking miracle.

Thanks for listening



Terry said...

Wow! What you guys have gone through makes John's amputation seem like nothing! Hang in there and things will work out the way they're meant to! Hugs! :0)

Rooster Inn Primitives said...

thank you Terry...Still praying for John

Hugs Pam

KatHreN said...

he sure has been through mother in law is on dialysis at home. She does it twice a day. If she gets cramps its because her fluid is not warm enough but it affects everyone different of course. I hope he gets a match soon and he is obviously here for a reason....will pray for you guys.

Angela said...

Oh honey. What a miracle he is. God bless you all.

Bridgett said...

WOW! Just wow.

I would say so...a walking miracle, that is.

I'm an RN and I used to work on a renal/urology/kidney transplant floor.

If he's cramping a lot, from my experience, that usually means low potassium.

Is he on hemodialysis or peritoneal?

Good luck!


AwtemNymf said...

BLess you Pam! I was wondering if you have a rice neck roll that might help? They're really easy to make!

Thinking of you!


NicNacManiac said...

What an incredible journey the two of you have been on!! I say go for the transplant, my husband received a heart transplant 3 years ago and it has been a godsend as they only gave him 6 months before the listing. My best friend just went through a kidney transplant in May that she received from her sister and she is fantastic now. It really is a miracle of medicine and I hope that it works out for you guys. My thoughts and prayers are with the both of you and I hope that your HB will soon be able to live a long and healthy life without complications!! xOxO Nerina :)