Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can't believe i did it.

Today i got my first tattoo. I'm 51 and finally did it. I get mixed emotions about what i did but i got it as a symbol of my breast cancer. It wasn't too bad. It did hurt some but was tolerable. Not like the pain of childbirth, that really hurt. LOL Talking about childbirth i had my last two children natural and without pain meds.

The weather has really changed. It was cooler today and they are calling for rain these next coming days. The leaves are starting to turn and some are falling off already. I'm not ready for winter.

So here is a picture of my tattoo.

I'm watching survivor while surfing the net.

Have a good evening

Hugs Pam


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Pam, that is a very nice tattoo ~ I'm glad it didn't hurt! Congratulations on being a breast cancer survivor!! *hugs* xox

Pam said...

Thanks Carla, I'm 14 years cancer free. It was a very scary thing to go through. So glad my hubby was so great about it.

hugs pam

BirchBerry Farms said...

Oh Pam---what a great gift to give yourself---I did that about a year ago---me and Joe---we got tattoos together---yours is very very very cool-----hey and thank you for stopping by my blog, I miss you's guys----alot!

Pam said...


Thanks so much. It looks better than the picture. And it didn't hurt like everyone said. My brother in law said he wanted to do something for me. Becasue he said that i do so much for everyone and don't ask for nothing. And i've helped him out with his mail and stuff when he's out of town. And i have been saying about wanting a tattoo. So he said he would pay for one if i wanted to do it. Then i thought about the breast cancer ribbon and that's why i got that one.

I love your new shoppe. looks really nice.

Miss you too.

hugs pam

Theresa said...

Pam, I like your tattoo. Congratulations on being a survivor, that is wonderful! 14 years....awesome!

Pam said...


Thanks so much. Hopefully i can stay cancer free.

Hugs Pam

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Pam, I can't imagine... even waiting on mammogram results are so difficult... *hugs*