Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Round 2

Well its here again, more snow. It started around 11 this morning and supposed to snow til tomorrow sometime. They are calling for another 14 inches. It's really getting old now. I'm ready to head south. Might be cold there but no snow. Spring is right around the corner and i can't wait.

I've been sewing made another rag quilt. Will have to post the picture later. It's on my other computer.

Stay warm and safe



The Old Cupboard Door said...

We are getting more of it too Pam...possible 14 inches. I'm not ready to move South though. We have our snacks, some movies, wood in the stove, a nice comfy blanket, hot cocoa, we're ready for it. Hang in there, Spring's a coming.


Terry said...

Our snow started about 7 this morning and is still going strong. I'd say we've had 6-8 inches of it today, and they're calling for at least that much more tonight and tomorrow. I just keep telling myself spring will get here...eventually! LOL

creativedawn said...

Yes Pam,
The snow may be beautiful, but tiring and another 15-21 inches are in progress as I sit here. Makes me really tired. Of course it is 1:46am...think I'll just go where there is no snow..to sleep!
hugz and stay warm!

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