Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a beautiful Sunday

Today is just beautiful. I finally have the windows open..It's sunny, breezy and in the 70's....It's supposed to be like this all week...I am so done with the hot muggy weather....

My grandson is in Williamsport PA at the Little League World Series games. I've been watching on tv to see if i see him. Only seen him once. He loved the hill that they all slide down on. His mom said that on Saturday he was sliding alot and was a muddy mess but had tons of fun. He's Just watching but hopefully one day will be playing there. He loves to play baseball. He turned 9 on the 13th and plays for a league every summer ever since T-ball....He's in his glory today to be able to be there...He will be tired tomorrow 1st day of school and they won't be getting home til late. That's him pitching. He's a lefty when playing sports but writes with his right hand. I'm so proud of him.
I have been working on some more things to put on ebay. I really need to buckle down and get to work. I start one thing and then start another before the first one is done. Not good. LOL I need to make something for a give away soon too.
Well guess i'd better get back to work...Enjoy your Sunday
Hugs Pam

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Cordwood Cabin said...

Congratulations on the "big game" ... hoping for the best weather and good luck for their efforts (and for your Ebay projects as well!)