Sunday, February 15, 2009

Take a look at my new grandbaby

This is my son and daughter in laws new addition to the family...It's a boy. Isn't he soooooo cute

He is only 2 months old and weighs about 1 to 2 pounds.

They named him Diesel!!!! He's a Yorkie Pom

He is so dark and tiny he's hard to see. They told him he would only get to be around 6 pounds. Just too cute...
When we got home from visiting them there was some red paper in my door. Got out of the car and though what in the world is that. So when i went to check it out. It was a red heart out of construction paper. It said. You are the best Grandparents ever. With a smiley heart on the front. When i opened it it said ....
Dear Grandma and Pap
I have a poem for you
Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I love you
And i hope you love
me too.
Have the best Valentines day
I love you both.
That was from my 8 year old grandson. While we were gone he stopped by and put that in my door. He was at his Nan's up the road from me. And she brought him down to drop it off. So i called him and he was home then and told me. He lives in PA and i live in MD...He said i have a carnation for you to. I told him were were coming up to his house next sunday. I told him the flower will probably die and he said no it won't i have it in water. LOL
So that really made my day!!
Don't for get there is no mail tomorrow.
Hugs Pam


Country*Road*Primitives said...

awww Pam, the doggie is so sweet and your story about the gifts from your grandson is even sweeter! What a great weekend you had :) xox

Pam said...

Thanks Carla it really made me happy..Have you figured out what kind of dog you like to get.

hugs pam

Janene said...

I am in LOVE with that little guy!
How sweet, adorable, and cuddly he is!
Can you tell how much I LOVE him?
That was so very sweet of your grandson. It is stuff like that that just warms me heart!
Oh, by the way....I LOVE that puppy!

Kath said... that lil pup ever CUTE! :)
Congrats on the newest addition to the fam!

What a wonderful, thoughtful, loving little grandson!! :)
What a HAPPY weekend for ya, Pam!!


Cordwood Cabin said...

How sweet! (x2, of course!). I've spent the last few days being dragged around by a very big puppy (the latest edition to our menagerie), so I know how easy it is to let a furry little animal steal your heart!

~Tonya said...

Hi Pam,

Love the new grandbaby. So very sweet. And such a sweet poem from Logan.

Thank you for sharing, Pam. Have a wonderful evening.


Country*Road*Primitives said...

No, I just know that I would like a medium sized dog, not as big as Bear, but not a teacup pooch either :)