Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter is here

The phone kept ringing this morning. And when the answering machine picked it up, no one talked. So after about 3 times, i got up and answered it. It was a recording from the school system saying that the schools were closed today. I don't have any kids at home so don't know why they called me. So i couldn't go back to sleep so i just stayed up. Decided to look out the window and there was snow!!!! Didn't even know they were calling for any. And the wind is blowing and it's sooooooooo cold out. A good day to stay inside and craft. Hubby and i were going to get hair cuts today. Guess that will happen another day.

I've decided that i will have a blog give a way when i hit 100 posts. I will have to figure out what to give. And how i want to do it. I just love entering them.

Well they say it's even cold in Florida so hope everyone stays warm and safe. Spring is coming...Just not fast enough.

Have a wonderful day.

Hugs Pam


BirchBerry Farms said...

Mornin' dear Pam-----hope you are staying warm---HOLY COW she's a bitter one here in Minn----

I hope all is well with you and your family---I think about you guys often-----

I am just now catching up with my Bloggers---I am so unorganized as of late---what that is about I do NOT know---someone may need to come here and kick me back into shape--tee hee!

Janene said...

Pam that is too funny...we got the same call...but I do have kids in school!
Pray that I can make it through this day...too cold for them to go out and I have so much to get done...So what am I doing on the computer? Relaxing of coarse!!!!
Have a great day!!

Jenn said...

And of course I didnt get that call....figure that one out! Im up here in NY, with the wind chill we're at -25 with 2-3' of snow coming!!

Keep Warm:)

Sue said...

Freezing my butt off here in MN...right now it is -17%....cancled my doctors appointment for today...Just to dang cold to go outside....My dogs run out and tend to their business and are ready to come back in in less than a minute...Just too cold even for them....Yes they closed school here which surprised me...Keep warm Pam