Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just listed my hearts and gingerbread men on Ebay

Well i finally got them listed. Now what can i start making. Let me think. With all the patterns that i have bought over the years there should be something there. Nothing much happened today. Just hanging out and picking up things here and there.

I see where Circut City went bankrupt. Things are really getting bad. I sure hope that with the new President our economy can get turned around. Gas has started to go up a little. Not much though. Better than what it was a year ago. Our gas here is $1.67 a gallon.

Enjoy the evening and stay safe and warm.

Hugs Pam


Picket said...

Hey friend...good luck with your items on Ebay! Thanks so much for coming by...I finally got the dining room rearrangeed and all the toile panels put up in the cabinets...I am loving how it turned out...but it is freezing down here this wekend so it makes it hard to get out and do thing! lol Hope you are having a great weekend!

Sue said...

The Hearts a really nice Pam...You do great work....Stay warm my friend....This cold is heading your way...

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Love your hearts Pam! You do awesome work and Becky's patterns are primitively perfect... It was a bit warmer outside today, fortunately! Spring is on its way, but not before we get a little snow. :) Hugs, Carla xox

Cordwood Cabin said...

Cute ornies! Love the grungy little gingerbreadmen!

Thanks for stopping by -- and yes, indeed, we did miss posting the giveaway on our 100th post (sadly). But since it was the thick of the Christmas season, we decided it would be better to have a "late" celebration than no celebration (and please feel free to drop by and sign up when the "Sign Up Below" post appears soon). Good luck with your items!

AnnaSam said...

Good luck with your items on ebay! i love your hearts.Have a blessed day!