Friday, November 21, 2008

My Christmas book is finally done!!!!

Wow i finally got this book done. I'm going to be putting it on ebay tonight. Alot of work. Now i can finish up other projects that have been started. LOL

I guess everyone know's what that is all about. It's windy here today and cold.

I'm going to my daughters Sunday for Thanksgiving dinner. Yum and then at my house on Thanksgiving day. I should be all turkeyed out by then. LOL What is everyone up to this weekend. And wanted to let you know gas prices is $1.87 gallon now. Hard to believe it would ever go under $2.00 a gallon ever again. I hope it keeps coming down.

Well here it is :

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs pam


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Hi Pam! Cold and windy here as well. We bundle up and run outside for awhile and to get wood and run back in :) Your book is AWESOME!! I hope you get many bids on it! Great work as always Pam... xox

Pam said...

Thanks so much Carla. It is so cold here. Went to my daughters today for Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of food and people.

Hugs pam