Monday, November 24, 2008

The big day finally here. LOL

Well as i posted before. I went for my pap smear last monday and was only a week early. LOL So i had my appointment today. Well the doctor i used to have left the business because of all the high insurance rates and things. He was the best. I didn't mind going there for my test.

So this other doctor that i'm seeing now took alot of his patients. This doctor everyone says is so well liked. I have only seen him one other time. And everything seemed good. He is in the process of moving his practice to a larger medical facility. And today was the last day at this address.

Well, when they call you back you go and sit in his office and he talks to you. Ask how things are going and all that stuff. He asked when i quit smoking and I told him 5 or 6 years ago but I think its been longer, can't remember. Getting old. LOL. Then he asked how my uterus was and different things about it and i said good. He was looking over my paper work and then said lets get you a sonogram to. So i said fine and they do that in his office. He said don't want to operate if we don't have to. And then i'm thinking something must of been wrong with my last test or something wrong in my papers.

So he took me to another room and had me put on the paper gowns. Just love those things. Then when your ready you turn on the light so they know to come in the room. Well he was the only one that came in. The doctor i went to before always had a nurse in there with him. And she would talk while he did what he had to do. So this doctor does the pap smear and still no nurse. Then he pushed on my belly and said your uterus feels good. And i said that's good. Then he said let me go get this person to do the sonogram. So i laid there and waited.

Then this man came in the room and got in a drawer under my table looking for something. Uncomfortable feelings. And then a nurse came in. Then they both walked out. Then they came back in and i'm thinking what the H*** is going on. So they set up the sonogram which is an internal one so that was uncomfortable. They turned the lights out and he started doing the sonogram and the nurse leaves the room. So now i'm alone with this man. And he's doing what he has to do and keeps looking at my paper work. And then looking at the sonogram.

Then he asked me if i had just got married and i said no. And then he asked if my name used to be Black and i said no. Then I asked him, do you have the wrong person. He said your paper is on top of someone else paper is stapled to your paper. He said we are in the process of moving and the papers must of gotten mixed up. Today was the last day they were at that address. He said let me go talk to the doctor and see what he says. He left and came back with the doctor. The doctor said i'm sooooo very sorry. Your paper was mixed up with someones elses, and we are in the middle of moving. He said you don't need a sonogram. So i got dressed and the teck said what i seen your uterus looks good. And i won't charge you for the sonogram. I thought i know your won't charge me. So now i'm so glad this Pap smear is done.

So i'm good for another 2 years. I'm so glad. I dreaded this and it didn't get any better. LOL

Thanks for listening.

Hugs Pam


Melinda said...

Wow! What a story! I wouldn't have been to happy with the other guy in my room without being told who it was.

Thank goodness they figured out they had the wrong paperwork!

At the hospital my family goes to, I had an incident of mixed files a "couple" of times. My 15 y.o. daughter has the same name as one of my nephew's wife. Her chart got pulled instead of my daughters. Even after I insisted they double check the date of birth's so they wouldn't get the wrong chart. It happened again!

Glad to hear everything checked out okay!:)

Pam said...

Melinda that's scarey isn't it. That's why our health system is so bad and expensive. Too many mistakes.

Thanks for stopping by.

hugs pam

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Pam, sorry you had to go through that for nothing. On the brighter side you got a free internal sonogram and a double okay that everything is fine :) xox

Theresa said...

OMG!! Pam, what a day huh? I just had to have a internal sonogram and don't know the results yet. I am with Carla, at least you know you are ok, geesh what a thing to go through. I think you need a *hugg*. I am glad it is over for you my goodness!

Pam said...

Theresa i pray yours turns out good. That sure wasn't fun...

hugs pam