Friday, August 1, 2008

new kitten

There was this cat that came by my house one day. I tried to get him to come to me but he wouldn't. I didn't have any cat food so i had a can of crab meat. I opened it and he finally came to me. He ate it all. My hubby said don't feed that cat he wouldn't leave. But i did anyway. He was skinny and hungry. So i tried to get him to come into my house and hubby said don't let him in the house he will never leave. Well long story short he came into the house and never left. He was the best cat you could ask for. He didn't use a litter box, he would go to the door and meow when he wanted out. He didn't get on the table or counters. And was so friendly. My dog even got along with him. But one day while going into the field across the road from me he was hit by a car. That was so hard for me. He passed instantly.
So after almost 6 months i went out and got a kitten. He's so cute, only around 11 weeks old. They weren't sure at the pet store how old he is. He gets in bed with me everynight and gets into my hair. He kneads it with his paws and purrs so load. I haven't figured out yet why he does that. But he's just to darn cute.....


Theresa said...

AAwwwhhh.....such a sweet story. Your new kitty loves you, please post a pic for us to see.


Pam said...

Thank you Theresa..I will post a pic as soon as i can. Thanks for all your help